Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update Re Puter Problems

I've barely got my computer operational. It's pissing me off that after all the recovery attempts, I now have stuff on here that is so unnecessary. For example, I partition my hard drive into C, D and E. E has my music, D has my secondary programs, and C of course, has my main programs. But the recovery process doubled and tripled the C, D and E drives, such that it is messing up the hard drive. So, I've decided rather than erase this shit and download my 2009 old hard drive, I will just buy a new one. Besides, I always replace the hard drives every two to three years anyway, so ... what is the point of erasing everything on this already two year old hard drive, right? Just erase it, keep it as an extra hard drive for my Santa's Elves project, and just buy a NEW one and install the data from my old 2009 hard drive. Yeah, that's the ticket!!!!

I also realized that I use a music site called DivShare where I upload music to the site where I can then imbed the songs and put them on my blog. About 1/2 of the songs that I "would" have lost based on what I uploaded since 2009 are already on the DivShare site, so I really won't even lose that many songs. Plus, like I already mentioned, I'm only going to lose about seven or eight months of pictures I took on my cell phone. I can live with that.

Ahhhhh, enjoying a rum and diet coke, feeling less stressed!


Arno said...

Best bet, except for your lost pics, you're probably ok...Here, Bartender, let me top that off for ya...

Carrie said...

Thanks, Arno. Having coffee now, but topped it off with some original old fashioned half and half! Looking forward to the three day weekend. Sad day Sunday, though, with the 10 year anniversary. Also, can't imagine what my grandson's birthday will be like all alone in Chicago (he was born on the 13th). It's not like any family members will be "flying" on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, especially to Chicago. So, poor kid will not have any family or friends for his birthday for the first time ever.