Sunday, August 21, 2011

Living In L.A., And Proof Of It Too!

As you can see by the picture, Zaire's name is carved out on the sidewalk next to my apartment. He put his signature there a few years ago, and I like this picture I took of him while he was here for a few days. This is where he belongs, right next to his name!

I have some other really fun pictures I will post later. Having him here with me for a couple of days was awesome. It's funny when he's not being stared down by DBD, how freely the youngster let's fly with what's real for him. Lot's of interesting things came out of his mouth. Veeeeerrrrryyyyy, very interesting (don't make me finish this off with the "Laugh In" follow up line - but "stupid")!

Zaire's been back in Chicago for about three days now, and DBD still won't let him answer his new cell phone or use his new computer that I provided (and for which there is independent internet that I am paying for monthly). Wonder what the "new" excuse will be this time around? Oh well, sooner or later, DBD is going to be forced to have to allow Zaire to communicate with our FAMILY, and not be controlled. At least I am keeping my text messages to the cell phone saved and my SMS messages to his Skype account saved, so that I can prove that I called him and texted him and left Skype open every fucking day. Court will be a bitch for one particular party, and even if we don't totally prevail (but I am rather confident that in the end, we will), DBD will be dragged over the coals by Hiz Honor, Da Judge! Can't wait to hear the excuses when that time comes.

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