Monday, July 18, 2011

Is There Any Reason To Give A Shit Anymore About America's Destiny?

You know, it's hard to write political commentary these days. I mean, what's to say about a Democratic President that can't even recess appoint Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Apparently, to make shit out of shinola, the "left" are embracing the notion that this is a GOOD thing now, because she can run for a Senate spot. Yeah! Whoopee!!! As if that actually mattered?

What mattered was having a President with a spine, but I digress ...

What is there really to post about? I mean, yeah, I've got some great song line-ups at the bar, and a few comments about the state of sports (although, the NFL IS cutting it a bit close this year, ahem). Some family trivia and what have I got left? Not a whole hell of a lot to blog about.

After eight horrible years, I cannot believe we've endured close to three more years of the same, except worse! Someone just shoot me, ok? (not really, just metaphorically, ok?)


Arno said...

They'd like to have her bogged down in the Senate, wouldn't they?
I know what you mean, that's a reason I haven't taken up active blogging: I just find myself speechless oftimes...
...metaphorically give me the blindfold and line me up, too. Sheesh.

Carrie said...

Obama has turned out to be the greatest snow job perpetrated against the left, liberals and Democrats alike. His agenda obviously from the start was simply to get his foot in the door, and his being black appears to be what was the tipping point. By that, I mean liberals, GLBT, progressives, etc. were tripping all over themselves to elect the first black president. No one really, REALLY, dug too deep to discover that Obama was really a DINO. We should have gone with Hillary, but then again, her first kick off was having Rupert Murdoch throw her a fund raising party, so how could any good liberal go forward with supporting her after that stunt?

If you thought Bush ruined this country, think again. We've had three years of Obama to try to right this ship, and all he's been doing is aiming the canons at the bridge!

For me, I've jumped ship already -- and a long time ago. Actually, I jumped practically right after the swearing in, when Obama appointed Rahm as his right hand man. That was enough for most of us progressives to bail, and we most certainly have taken the heat for doing so. But now, even the tamest of liberals and Democrats see the evil of Obama's ways, and it's just a matter of time before he leads this country to its death.