Monday, July 18, 2011

How Can The Dodgers Fire Steve Garvey?

I really, really do not understand this.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have fired Steve Garvey for his attempts to buy the team that he helped to the 1981 World Series title, according to a person familiar with the situation.

I tell you, having grown up with the O'Malley family owning this team, it has all gone downhill ever since it was first sold by the family. And from what I understand, McCourt has broken up various aspects of Dodger revenue sources, privatized them, and now is interested in selling off "pieces." I never liked Bud Selig, but I am glad he's out there now with his thumb up the dike trying to salvage a great baseball franchise that has been taken advantage of savagely, and is on the verge of destruction.


Arno said...

Even though I grew up hating the "Dogiss", I won't cry any crocodile tears here...they need to save this legendary franchise for your team and for your city. $#!+head owners notwithstanding.

Carrie said...

Believe it or not, Murdoch once owned the team. In fact, I believe he was the first buyer (or his corporation) from O'Malley family.

Here, we call them the "Doyers." I even have a T-shirt with the real logo, except it spells out L.A. Doyers! Ha ha!

Baseball revenue overall has been in decline since the strike in 1994. Add to that the escalating costs for renovating stadiums or moving to new ones, concession escalating costs, not to mention parking, and what used to cost a family of four say, oh, about $40 to $50 bucks to see a game, park and have some hot dogs and soda, now comes in at a whopping $150 or more (assuming they park in the same place, and sit at the same seats). Although, to be honest, it is the same with the other sports as well. It has become cost prohibitive to own season tickets to any sport, let alone just go to one or two games a year.

Arno said...

I practically lived in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium til they brought it down...always sat in the cheap seats with all the drunks and the hecklers as a kid...that's why I'm a drunk heckler at a baseball game to this day :)...could later take my kid to a game for cheap. Now not so much so :(

Arno said...

Cool about the "Doyers" thing...I can understand that, makes sense.

Carrie said...

My daughter was RAISED at Dodger Stadium as a child, and as a teenager, grew up at the Forum where the Los Angeles Kings played (during the Greztky era). Back in the day, I could give her $20 bucks and let her run all over "Doyer" Stadium - we knew everyone there having had seasons since the mid-1980's. For some reason, you never had to look over your shoulder for your kid back then.

At the Forum, she had found her own seat, seriously, right over the Budweiser sign where the Kings skated off after each period ended. She had the seat right at the end, and was constantly on TV. I can't tell you how many people would call after a game and tell me they saw my kid on TV at the game!

Glad you got the L.A. Doyer thing! It's so funny, because if you continually say it as it is written, you suddenly go ... ahhhhh. Of course, if I am saying it directly to you, it's obvious on the first pronouncement!