Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dumb And Dumber Use Internet Explorer

UPDATE: 8/3/11 It appears this "story" may have been an elaborate hoax.

Inherent in my nature is a refusal to jump onto bandwagons, whether it be sports or technology, or other stuff.

I used to get very upset years and years ago when I was a regular on a hockey chat board, at being called a Los Angeles Kings bandwagon fan. First off, the Kings never won anything so how I could be termed a bandwagoner was lost on me. Secondly, I actually had season tickets, six of them when at the Forum, and three in the lower bowl when at Staples. And usually, the "person" calling me names was someone who never owned season tickets, never had any intention of owning season tickets, went to one or two games a year, and failed to follow other hockey teams in the league! They were the "stupid" people, to me.

When it comes to technology, I am always the person who upgrades last. It took me years to get off Netscape and accept Internet Explorer. However, one of the few things I did do was change to Firefox. My reluctance to switch to IE in the first place is the fact that I distrust Microsoft a great deal - to the point that I turn off all automatic updates, and my computer at home still uses XP (forget Vista and Windows 7).

Now a report has come in that has found out "stupid" people tend to use IE !!!!! Just like stupid people watch FOX.

Here comes the flame war. According to a new report, dumb people are more likely to use Internet Explorer than smart people. It's a finding so apparently defamatory that the company responsible for the statement is allegedly being threatened with a lawsuit by inflamed Internet Explorer aficionados.


Across the board, the average IQ scores presented for users of Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9 were all lower than the IQ scores recorded for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Camino, and Opera users. Humorously enough, those using Internet Explorer with the Chrome frame built-in actually ranked third in IQ scores among this browser list. Opera users reported the highest average IQ score – hovering around the 120 to 130 range, which is a bit higher than the WAIS test's population mean of 100 (and standard deviation of 15).

I have always hated IE, but I am also not a fan of anything Google (I do not like the fact that Blogger was taken over by Google).

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