Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Stanley Cup Comments Re Game 4 vs. SYTYCD Comments!

I cried so much watching SYTYCD tonight that I am sure my co-workers tomorrow will assume I was on a drinking binge! The puffy eyes, etc.

Season 8 has brought so many fucking talented dancers, including those that are unschooled (i.e., street dancers, crumpers, b-boys, etc.) who were able to master the art of jazz, contemporary, ballroom, just to name a few, that watching the eliminations that will eventually culminate to the 20 (10 boys, 10 girls) tomorrow will just KILL me!!!!!

And as a side note re hockey, HIGH FIVE to Boston for a consecutive kicking of Vancouver's butt in the Stanley Cup, which is now tied at 2-2!

I am, at heart, and will always be, a dancer. Just saying.

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