Thursday, June 02, 2011

Buffalo Springfield As In Sold Out Concert At Wiltern Theater 2011! Damn It!

I can't believe that me, a music person, and one who passes the Wiltern Theater on a daily basis (to and from work) did NOT see on the marquee "Buffalo Springfield" this Saturday and Sunday. Man, it pisses me off that I had no clue this band was playing. I am all things Springfield ... hell I was at a taping of Shindig back in 1968 where they played as well as Herman's Hermits, and I had (I lost them) autographs from both bands!

My first husband bears a strong resemblance to Stills.

I checked for tickets. Shit, $1,000 for an orchestra seat and you can't buy a single ticket it has to be a du0. I may still just show up Saturday, and see if there are any decent scalpers or whatever.

Enjoy the set.

I was a follower of all things Buffalo Springfield, from Richie Furay and his incarnations to Poco and then Souther, Hilman & Furay band, to obviously, CSN&Y, but also Manassas and then, of course, just being Neil Young! Unfortunately, Jim Messina is not participating (of Loggins & Messina fame AFTER Buffalo Springfield).

Enjoy their most famous album.

Kind Woman
Broken Arrow
Expecting To Fly
For What It's Worth
Go And Say Good Bye
I Am A Child
Mr. Soul
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
On The Way Home
Rock And Roll Woman
Sit Down, I Think I Love You

All of these songs affected my life. Those that can even "get" Neil Young's style, lyrics and musicality, well, high five to them. The groove of Loggins and Messina, even though Kenny came out ahead of Jimmy, hey, their blend would not have started any further career for both of them, although at the time, one has to remember, Loggins was the newbie, and Jimmy was, duh, from Buffalo Springfield!

The incarnation of Crosby, Stills, Nash (and then) Young, there really isn't anything to say about that phenomena! But, for me, I went further following Stills into his Manassas days and thereafter.

I did see a few concerts in the 1970's of CSN&Y, but I never saw Buffalo Springfield, except for that TV taping. Saw Manassas live once, never saw Neil, alone. Saw many Loggins and Messina concerts, though! Although, in reality, my favorite in Buffalo Springfield has always been Richie.

Damn, a 59 year old trolling a concert venue for a scalped ticket to a concert! Not quite the image I would usually portray, ha ha.


Bob said...

Just watched some video from Oakland show. Surprisingly good. Steve always played better guitar solos dueling with Neil.

Arno said...

That's the very stuff, along with the Byrds and others, that got me and my bandmates into playing West Coast country-and-folk rock for life, still love it. I get Neil, I'm probably the biggest Neil Young fan within 300 miles. But Stills was, and is my favorite.
I'm very disappointed in you for not noticing the marquee ;) I hope you can get tickets, if you do, take pictures and post them.

Carrie said...

Bob, my first husband played a mean guitar, and I am sure he could out duel Stills any day, trust me!

Carrie said...

Arno ... I can only try to see if I can go on Sunday ... Stanley Cup game two is on Saturday, 5-8, so no way I can hang out at 6 to try to get tickets to a concert that starts at 7. Bu I will try to see if I can get in on Sunday. It's an off night, and there should be more desperate people!!! Let's hope!