Friday, June 10, 2011

Baryshnikov ... That's Life

So, I was at my local watering hole this evening (um, to collect my $20 from winning the Boston over Vancouver hockey bet) and I was discussing dancing with a friend at the bar. I was gushing over how unbelievable the dancers were this season on So You Think You Can Dance, which he claimed he was really not aware of, but whatever. Then I sort of commented on the "booty" dance made most popular by Beyonce, and how it was really Bob Fosse who actually created that move. There was a video making the rounds on You Tube that mashed up Gwen Verdon and a hip hop artist that really accentuated the "move" but it has since been taken down by the YouTube police. Oh well. Then we went into ballet, and it was unfortunate that the guy had a sort of false prejudice as to male dancers being "gay" and all that, and when I brought up Baryshnikov, of course he did not know who the guy was, until I mentioned "Sex and The City" and then he got it. But he had never seen any dances by Baryshnikov and still held out that the guy had to be gay to be in ballet!

I give you this Sinatra piece. Hell, the dude slept his way through all the ballerinas, and for god's sake, was married to Jessica Lange (and has a daughter with her, plus three other children with a second wife ... so not GAY).

I give you this YouTube of the Kennedy Center Honors Tribute to Misha so that you can at least view some of his body of work. My male hero in dancing is Bob Fosse, but next to him, is Misha. No one has the heart and soul of dancing's full potential than Misha. Sigh!

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