Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Waiter, Waiter, Percolator"

For Arno ... don't have the song you linked to, but here, enjoy some Transfer, Manhattan style!

Java Jive

Ok, switching style ... but then, MT were masters of switching styles!

Trickle, Trickle

Not necessarily sticking to MT, but am on a roll!

Route 66 (come on, this is a classic done by so many artists ... hell, it was a theme in the original Disney "Cars" cartoon movie!)

This is probably my MOST favorite MT song ... or done by any other artist... "dry martini, jigger of gin ...."

Scotch And Soda!

I have way more MT than one necessarily needs, LOL!



Ok, just a short dip into doowop before closing out!

Gloria (and not the Cadillacs' version, but one hell of a "version!")

(Praying that I don't get a take down of this post from the music internet police!)

Last call, Manhattan Transfer style. My most favorite jazz tune has always been "Birdland" and no matter what version I hear, I love it. So, here is MT's version.



Arno said...

Ahh, that's just crazy crazy good. Thanks!

Carrie said...

I know ... and I have only scratched the surface. So, would you pay money to hear me DJ and run the bar ... seriously?

Arno said...

What, are you kidding? Of course!

Arno said...

Our band was always vocal-oriented, though we always had good instrumentalists ('ceptin' me). East Coast acapella and doowop is part of our vocal heritage, just like West Coast country-rock. Sweet!

Carrie said...

You are just loving this section of the blog recently! I have so many MT tapes (I was big on cassette tapes back in the 1980's and my collection easily tops three hundred, and it was a pain in the ass because I kept them alphabetically on these wall shelves, and if I added a new one, I had to move all the others over one space!) I have 37.6 gigs of MP3's on my computer, many of the songs and albums downloaded to match the music I already owned but which was not in digital format.

Arno said...

Well, what can I say. I'm going to play "Birdland" again. I gots a bunch of cassettes too including some extremely rare recordings, but folks around here like to confound me by hiding them on top shelves...;) I don't really have any MP3's or such on the computer, just YouTube links...I can't say why.

Carrie said...

Am revisiting this site to just enjoy the selection of songs I put up, but to also re-read the comments.

MT .... Please Give Me Jesus On The Line .. ok, my bad! I do have a lot of songs, but when I put them in a post, it is easier for me to gauge my thought pattern LOL!