Friday, May 27, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals, Vancouver V. Boston

Game 7's are always exciting, especially in hockey. Steve Stamkos above, got hit in the face with the puck, but comes back, wearing a full cage face shield! He was out for about five minutes of game time. Only in hockey, baby! Real MEN!

It was a zero zero game until the third period, with about 7 1/2 minutes left, and Boston scored. Tampa's 1-3-1 format failed them and is what gave Boston that clear shot. Good luck in the finals against Vancouver.

Notice that no one touches the Wales Cup (nor did the Western division champs, touch the Campbell Bowl) as superstition in hockey is that the only cup touched is the Stanley Cup (although, over the years, a few players have touched it, such as Sidney Crosby in 2009, and I know Mario Lemiuex touched it a few times). Traditions and Superstitions.

Since 1991 there have been 4 times when a team's captain lifted their conference trophy and went on to win the Stanley Cup. Mario Lemieux (1991) and Scott Stevens (2000, 2003) both ignored tradition and left fingerprints on the Prince of Wales trophy. In 1997, Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman had no fear and lifted the Clarence Campbell Bowl, and a week later was celebrating a Stanley Cup victory.

Superstitions and traditions might not make any sense to hockey fans, but to hockey players, they're an important part of hockey life.

Whether hockey players grow beards during the playoffs, become best friends with the goal posts, walk or drive the same route to the ice rink each day, thats what makes the sport of hockey and hockey players so interesting.

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