Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Since I Am Tending The Bar ... Tom Waits And Rickie Lee Jones!

Everyone and anyone that knows both of their histories, know they were a couple back in the "day."

For Arno! Hope you enjoy.

Danny's All Star Joint

Midnight Lullaby


Arno said...

Enjoy I did!
I've always liked Rickie Lee's music and especially her cutesy, stylish voice. She was in a nearby city a couple of years ago...I wasn't able to go see her, but had friends (who like her as well) who did, and said she was fantastic. Thing was, most of the attendees evidently didn't get her, and were cold and silent throughout, to the point where she told the audience off (I understand she is a temperamental sort, but I understand that frustration)...maybe those goobers thought they were supposed to see Tommy Lee Jones, don't know...
Tom Waits, every so often, releases stuff where he gets out of the gruff, gravelly vocal mode and sings really sweetly. The man is a pure genius.
I had several friends from NY and NJ back in the "day", and I used to love how they'd talk in a slurry, twangy, almost Southern way. Great stuff, thanks!

Arno said...

Needed it, enjoyed it again, I did. Best juke on the 'net.