Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Back in the 1970's there was this band that my then boyfriend, Howie, and I used to drive up from San Diego every Monday to watch perform at The Baked Potato. They were from Hawai'i (this was before we moved there), and were fronted by this tiny little Hawai'ian singer named Pauline, and featured a horn section that even today still performs and is known as the Seawind Horns. They were at the forefront of what would become known as funk fusion jazz, and they would have guest performers such as Lee Ritenour and Harvey Mason.

I later discovered that they were actually a Christian band, but that really didn't matter because their music was at the forefront of the genre and they were awesome. I remember going to see them during the time that the "Roots" mini-series was first airing on television, and the band thanked the audience for missing the mini-series and coming out to see them.

Seawind. I hope you like some of the songs.

If memory serves me, they would open with this song.

Do Listen To

Wet Got A Way

You Gotta Be Willin' To Lose It

He Loves You

Make Up Your Mind

I sure hope I don't get a DMCA take down on this!

I can't remember all of their line up, but having their first double album still (but now on CD, because when Napster first came into existence, the band I was always trying to get a CD of was Seawind, so I typed in their name, and lo and behold, all of their songs popped up. I am proud to say that my first illegal downloads were of Seawind back in what, 1999 or 2000, somewhere around that time!

This song I loved the most out of all of their songs. I never equated the Christian aspect of it, it was just so damn fucking good, all the rifts, the funk, the jazz, the melodies ... I hope you like it.

The Devil Is A Liar

Going to close out the bar with what probably was a closer for the band as well.

Wings Of Love

I hope, at least, that those of you that read my blog and enjoy the music this "bar" plays, you'll become fans of, and appreciate, Seawind. Most of the contemporary jazz musicians of today owe their soul to Seawind.


Arno said...

Wow...kinda like Sly Stone-meets-Steely Dan-meets-Mother's Finest-meets-Funkadelic. "damn fucking good", indeed! I'm dancing!

Carrie said...

Ha ha, that was funny. But in all seriousness, this band changed my musical life. Eventually I got my entire family to come up from San Diego every Monday to watch them perform.