Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Republicans Just Can't Give It A Rest

All those silly and petty (oh, and add just about every other kind of derogatory adjective you wish to add here) Republicans. What cracks me up is that they don't have an independent operative brain cell amongst them, and it's apparent to anyone that listens, watches or reads about what they say.

Since OBL was taken out, the whiny little brats can't stop peeing all over themselves because, as the narrative has been going, our President has not given the "real" credit where it is due ... to Bush, and his waterboarding, etc. techniques. And this narrative, to a tee, is being shouted from the rooftops (ok, on television, but still ...) by every shill for the Republican party that can read the bullet points.

(shaking head, I stopped banging it on the keyboard when the letters started to come off on my head).

Little boys and girls, please, don't you realize just how irrelevant you have become since you all created your tea party express?

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