Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Mad Would You Be If A Foreign Country Occupied Your City And Kept Killing Children Daily?

It's literally impossible to convey in words the level of bloodthirsty fury and demands for vengeance that would arise if a foreign army were inside the U.S. killing innocent American children even a handful of times, let alone continuously for a full decade.

It's the perfect self-perpetuating cycle: (1) They hate us and want to attack us because we're over there; therefore, (2) we have to stay and proliferate ourselves because they hate us and want to attack us; (3) our staying and proliferating ourselves makes them hate us and want to attack us more; therefore, (4) we can never leave, because of how much they hate us and want to attack us. The beauty of this War on Terror -- and, as the last two weeks have demonstrated, War is the bipartisan consensus for what we are and should be doing to address Terrorism -- is that it forever sustains its own ostensible cause.


I wonder what would happen if a foreign army came to the U.S. and killed three American children in four days. Why do they hate us?

Only Glenn Greenwald can put it that succinctly. It definitely underscores the fact that so many progressive voters who actually voted for Obama have been hoodwinked by his foreign policy actions. Dumb (Bush) meets dumber (Obama). I really can't stand this man, and I never thought I would dislike a president more than I disliked Bush. But I do. I suspect many of us do, whether we voice it out loud or keep it to ourselves. Obama snookered the liberals into voting him into office by pretending he was going to change things. We thought change meant "for the better," but Obama's "change" just makes things worse. And he knows it, and it's obvious he could care less. He's the president, after all, so like Nixon, "it's not illegal if the President does it" mentality appears to drive him.

Sigh. I wish I actually gave a shit anymore. I care about this country, and I care about the world. But all this war, anger, hatred, my country is better than yours, my religion is better than yours, na na na na na crap is just stupid. No wonder the youth of today are so obnoxious -- look at the so-called adults running the asylum!


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Oh yeah, I knew about that a little while back. I was trying to tell some people about work how this provision was inserted into the bill without anyone really knowing about it.

Sick. Really sick, man.

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"at" work ... LOL