Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Hockey Playoffs, And I Am At My Favorite Bar!

It was a good day today. First off, Santa's Elves has been offered a FREE warehouse and office, Yippee!!!!!

Second, I went to my regular watering hole. It's fun to be greeted like Norm at the Cheers bar, where everyone knows your name! (Laughing). The Rangers/Capitals game was on, and I eventually moved from my regular table to the bar where a New Yorker was watching the game on the bar TV. It was fun talking with him (he was in town on vacation with his wife, but he was at the bar because he was trying to find someplace to watch the "game.") We had fun exchanging hockey stories, but clearly, I was the dominant one with respect to knowledge of players and the game. Yeah, just in case some of you don't remember, I still have my two hockey player autograph tats on my left ankle! And you all know I am the sports pig, so I can talk about just anything sports, whether baseball, football, hockey, basketball, etc. I gave him advice as to where to go have dinner with his wife (the Grove/Farmer's Market) where there are plenty of regular and upscale places to eat. He actually went to a Kings playoff game and was surprised at how many empty seats there were (yeah, don't get me started on my Kings rant!), and he wanted to buy a Kings jersey but he felt the roughly $150 was a bit high. Shit, I've paid more for some of my jerseys ... but then I have paid less when I've ordered them from Canada. Anyway, the game went into overtime, and I had to leave because I needed to get home to watch my reality show, Survivor (ha ha). Caps won in overtime. I gave him my blog business card. Hope he checks it out, and if he and his wife come back again, I will most assuredly help him out with the "tour" of our gracious city!

Third, my regular bartender, who is always generous in her "pour" of my rum/cokes, and sometimes comps me with a drink, bought me a lotto ticket. I still haven't figured out how to check what numbers won ... I never play the lotto, but I did tell her if we won, it's a shared ticket! UPDATE: I got 3 of the 5 numbers and won $15 bucks LOL!

Then, of course, because I have all the tattoos, especially the hockey player autographs (Kelly Hrudey and Corey Millen) the next topic was tatts, so I gave information to one of the servers that was interested in getting a tatt regarding Greg at Sunset Strip Tattoo (who usually has a nine month waiting list, he's that good).

It was a fun night. I need more of those.

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