Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Playoff hockey is the best of the best of all sports, in my opinion. Watching Nashville and Vancouver, who would have thought Nashville would play so hard. Luongo in net was like silly putty, nothing got by him, and the only goal scored was by Vancouver, shorthanded at that. But ... minute or two toward the end of the game, Nashville scores on Luongo! Waiting for overtime.

Good Ol' Hockey Game

First overtime, still tied. Waiting for second (double) overtime. What I find cool about hockey is that when the game is in overtime, there are NO commercial breaks whatsoever.

This is one of the fastest paced game I have watched in quite a while. I think there were only two penalties called all game, one in which Vancouver scored shorthanded in the first period, and one in overtime against Vancouver for too many men on the ice.

(I'm taping "Dr. Who" to watch later).

Yeah! Nashville wins it in double overtime! What a fabulous game. Now to watch "Dr. Who."

More hockey tomorrow!

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