Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 6th Blogversary To Me!

It's been six years of blogging. My very first post here, which I cross-posted at MyDD. Hard to believe that post garnered me my one and only blogosphere Koufax award nomination by MyDD for best post of the year. Hey, I didn't win, but as they say after the Oscars, I was just happy to be nominated (right?)

One Year, 705 Posts, 4,800 Hits

Six Years, 2,450 Posts, 23,225 Hits


Arno said...

Well, it's a helluva nice place!

Bob said...


Carrie said...

Thanks, guys. It's been a blast the past six years, and I'm only just beginning to hit my stride. Now that I've been "botted" by a Goggle crawler, my daily readers have doubled in numbers. But, I really wouldn't have had as much fun without my regulars and their comments.