Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy 59 To Me!

Most of those that know me, are aware that I only celebrate my birthday every ten years (30, 40, 50 and my upcoming 60th). I was going to have this big bash in New York for my 60th, but I am financially somewhat drained thanks to legal fees I had to cough up for a certain situation. Also, that situation caused me enough stress, as well as losing seeing my grandson regularly (if at all ...) so I needed a pick me up, and chose to throw myself a casual dinner on Saturday (the 9th-my actual BD) at one of my favorite restaurants! (Of course, now that I jinxed the every ten year aspect, I'll probably drop dead before next year! J/K).

My cousins (Kelly, Leslie) went to great lengths to get me a plumeria flower lei for the day (trust me, that was a great feat – especially with the plant and flowers out of season even in Hawai'i!), but man, (I still have it, they will last almost a week without losing their color or fragrance) I'm in heaven with my lei.

Kelly and I on La Brea, leaving for the dinner party (Jerry took this picture)

Yoon, chowing down!

My best friend, Linda (Mexican/American) comparing notes with EJ on their IPhones re a Korean soap opera they both watch.

Our server.

Jerry, watching amazed as Hana takes a picture of her food. See that puzzled look on his face? Well, everyone KNOWS Hana takes pictures of her food and puts it on her Facebook page! Duh!

Right side of me ...

Left side of me ...

Image of guests from vantage point of my drink (I was at the end of the table).

Photo of all of us (minus Jerry who was standing on the both across from us taking the picture).

From left to right: Yoon, EJ, Hana, Georgiana, Simon, David, Gordon, Nick, Kelly, Linda and me. Jerry was taking the picture. (all the dark ones I took from my cell phone; I did not bring a camera).

My cousins also know that most of my adult life, I was associated with the fragrance "Jungle Gardenia," and it has not been available for years. The girls found a fragrance that was as close to that as can be, by Givenchy called "Amarige" which is so awesome, I put it on before I go to bed!

DVD's were the theme of the night, and I got a ton, from a lot of Elizabeth Taylor movies, to a lot of my favorite action movies (Transformers, Star Trek, Tron, etc.).

All, in all, a very good time was had.


Tony said...

Happy Birthday Mel. I'm so happy you went out and celebrated. Ah, Marie Callender's on Wilshire Blvd...what a great place. It's been 10 years since I was there. I just found pictures from your 50th in Vegas and put them on my FB page. I also found the pictures from my 35th at Spago, when I was thin, LOL!

Carrie said...

Yeah, turning 50 in Vegas was definitely fun. The six bedroom "hacienda" I rented for the three days was great. Flying Steve in to cook our meals was the best, especially the lobster dinner made from the fresh lobsters we bought in Santa Monica, put on ice, and drove to Vegas! And that bar, where I was stationed for practically all of the time. I have tons of pictures too. I don't have Facebook so feel free to send me any you want by email.

I can't believe you recognized that it was Marie Calender's on Wilshire. Most people have no clue that Marie Calender's has an upscale restaurant, with a piano bar, among other amenities. It was small but it was fun. I am still doing the 60th, but since I had to spend a lot of my budget on legal fees, I can't do it in New York. I may even do it at Marie Calender's again.

Your 35th at Spagos was very interesting. In fact, I think we've celebrated YOUR birthday a lot more than we've celebrated MY birthday. Were you there when we all went to celebrate my birthday in NYC at Mama Chang's (or whatever the name of that restaurant with the Filipino drag queens as waitresses)?

Arno said...

Happy Birthday, and many, many more!

Tony said...

I was not at your birthday in NYC at Mama Changs. You and the girls celebrated there either the year before or the year we met a the Devil's game. Now in all fairness, although I can recognize that the pictures are from Marie Callender's, I also read Bob's birthday post to you on his blog. At some point I will e-mail you some of the pictures I found. I thought you were on FB though, your name used to pop up on my page as people I may know. Did you cancel your account? I'm thinking about taking a FB break, sometimes there is too much sharing.

Carrie said...

I had a Facebook account for probably two or three months, but then canceled it. I was tired of all the garbage posted based on other "friends" and "their friends." I mean, who cares if someone changed their facebook picture or profile, or who friended whom? So I deleted the account.

I should scan those photos of the trannies at Mama Changs! Those "ladies" were smoking hot!