Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple Has A Secret App That Literally Tracks Your Every Move!

Boy, am I glad I never liked Apple products from day one, that I've never owned a Mac puter, never owned an IPhone, an IPod nor an IPad. I won't go near that crap, and thank goodness after this information came out just recently:

Holy crap. This is for real. I just ran the software and found the secret file on my laptop, detailing where I've been over the past year, including lots of details of where I visited in Vegas last year during the Netroots Nation conference, where I've been to in DC, and Chicago. It even shows you, over time, where I've been.

Read the rest of the article, and the update here.

Also, it has come to the attention (finally) of major media that Michigan State Police are also using a program that can extract every single piece of data off of a cell phone, including deleted texts and phone numbers, etc., in less than two minutes, and they've been doing it at traffic stops since 2008! More in this piece as well.

Total H/T to AMERICAblog for these stories.


Tony said...

The Droid, which I have, does the same thing as the iPhone. The difference is it was never a secret that it happened. No big deal really. I don't care who knows where I go. The GPS in the car and the EZ-Pass do the same thing.

Carrie said...

Many people do care. The fact we are becoming less free and independent and more like citizens of countries such as China and North Korea appear to be lost on some people. I personally like my freedom. It's why I live in this country. Perhaps, though, I may one day have to take my aunt up on her offer to move to China where she lives! If we continue to lose our right to privacy, and our technology is used against us, then there really is no difference, nor any reason to be a proud American.

Tony said...

You can't tell me you had no idea that this data was being collected and stored. You often boast about how you trach through google the exact location of people who view your blog. If this information is available to you, then it should be common that the footprints are being stored somewhere. This data will not be seem for everyone, but if a person becomes a subject of suspicion then I'm sure their activity gets tracked. I do not have a problem with that. On the other side of that coin, that information could also help someone prove their innocence. People have a choice, simply don't take part of the new technology, and live under the radar, or understand you can possibly be tracked. Two years ago I bought a program from iSpy for $499, with it, I can turn on and turn off other peoples cell phones. I can turn on their camaras and see where they are, etc. I bought this because my neighbor suspected her husband was having an affair. With it we recorded everything he did with a Gogo dancer, and tracked him right to the Marriott Hotel in Edison NJ. We drove there and met he and the prostitute in the lobby of the hotel. Played him the video taken from his phone. All of this was gathered legally since all their phones were on a family plan, and the plan was in the wife's name, so legally it was her phone. The divorce will be final shortly. Kind of scary huh?

Carrie said...

Not sure where you got the idea that I am a savvy tech person. People laugh at me cuz I don't upgrade til I am forced to do so, whether it's a puter program, a puter, a cell phone or a tv. The fact that I've put a couple of "tracking" devices on my blog does not equate to tech savvy. Just means that I am aware that you do leave fingerprints on the net. I don't have GPS as I don't have a car, & I only recently bought a droid cell. That being said, what you have revealed about you spying says tons about you as a person, and is the reason I "left" without ever communicating with you again. I have always been aware of your propensity for stalking, and I've witnessed it when people you cared about, leave you. Trust me, all the phone calls I got from people who said "who is this Tony guy that keeps e-mailing me asking for information about you?" proved that as long as I just stayed silent, I kept you at bay. Plus, I have been Carrie for over 15 years, & amateurs could never discover my true identity. Just the other day, on the bus, someone called out "Carrie" & I instinctively turned, & sure enough, it was someone I knew, albeit he thought my name was Carrie!