Monday, March 21, 2011

Yeah, I'm A Ho For Dancing With The Stars!

I can't believe that Mike guy made a reference to being glad he was paired with an "American" dancer as he still "remembered the Cold War" which is obviously a reference to the fact that some of the ballroom dancers were Russian.

Wow ... that's all I can say. Hope he's off first round, the piece of shit.

At least Kirstie was "representing!"


Tony said...

He's a shock jock. It's his thing, just like so many other Howard Stern wannabes, and I'm sure it wasn't off the cuff. Nothing on reality TV is real, it's all scripted. It's a joke, which is actually quite funny. At least I find it humorous. I doubt he'll make it far, not due to this comment but due to his talent. I'm just guessing, I didn't watch the show, so who knows, maybe he can dance and be funny.

Carrie said...

He's in the bottom of the leader board, couldn't dance for shit, and I am sure his comments did not endear him to the rest of the cast, especially those Ruskies!

Bob said...

When I watch ballroom dancing on public TV, nearly all the dancers are Russian. I wonder why.

Carrie said...

One just has to understand history, music and dance to get to the origins of ballet and Russia. Many Russian dancers that could not sustain a ballet career turned to ice skating (state sponsored) and then ballroom (not state sponsored, but if you were successful, you could get out of Russia, LOL). Let's not forget the dominance in the Olympics by the Russians in ice skating (and hockey, but that doesn't have anything to do with THIS post).