Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, Definitely Drunk !!!

One of my three days that I always say it is ok to be drunk before noon are -- St. Patty's day, 4th of July and Super Bowl Sunday.

This being the wear what's green day (and let's not miss the point that I am of Irish descent), had my corn beef and cabbage (ugh, I should stop eating this crap at a NON Irish restaurant, ya think?), and instead of bowing down to some traditional Guinness or Bushmills, I settled for my usual double Bacardi and diet, as the bartender sees to it that it is at my table before I have the time to take off my jacket (LOL).

I wore a green bow tie all day. It was meant for my grandson, but the damn music thingy wouldn't work, and I was going to return it when I said, what the frak, just wear it! I had fun. And it's all the more so because I am of Irish descent. I learned to do jigs at an early age. (Although the dominant strain heritage wise was Norwegian ... hell we had to speak Norwegian at the dinner table, had to ask to leave the table and say thank you in Norwegian for sure!)

I've loved the Celtic sounds since being a child. Can't really say where I actually heard them from. It's just a vague remembrance.

Irish Rovers

Flogging Molly

Ok, you definitely have to be pissered to enjoy listening to this over and over!

Dubliners and The Clancy Bros.

Ok, so I am truly a sucker for a Bing Crosby song.

Any young Irishman knows this band, singing Kiss My Irish Ass

psssst (Dropkick Murphys)

Going to close it out with this Rugby anthem by Andrew Strong


One more, damn it! Clannad and U2

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