Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do You Really Think I Don't Know You Are Reading My Blog, Jay?

Really, is this a crash course on all things Carrie? LOL! 48 minutes in one sitting, 85 pages viewed? Are you kidding me? I hope at least your pablum brain learned something, um, like politics, music, art, oh, and politics!

For my regular readers, Jay is the father of Zaire. Didn't think I'd actually know you were reading my blog, did ya! Eight visits, over 100 pages read, and more than a few hours trolling. If you were never interested in this blog in the, oh say, six years it has been up and running, my mind sort of wonders why in the past two days, you've been scouring my blog. This is a benign blog, albeit, I can get pretty heated over political crap. But if you're trolling for dirt on Mercedes, ya ain't gonna find it on my blog. I think you should simply stick with what you already know, and make sure you keep your wading pants on while trolling!

P.S. I see you at Zaire's blog as well. How come you NEVER looked at his blog until like, what, two days ago? Great dad. Wish I had one just like you ... NOT.

P.S.S. Using an IPad still does not mean I don't SEE YOU! LOL!

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