Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stevie Wonder -- First Concert My High School BF & I Took A Cousin To

I was in a "family" frame of mind tonight. First, just a tad pissed off that the dad beat dad would even infer that my daughter would have aborted her child but for the fact that she found out the dead beat dad's father worked as a director on a successful television show.

I had to laugh. Most of my readers are well aware of how much show business and whatnot is in my family, since the generation before me, down to two generations below me. My family is abound with actors, actresses (movies, television, theater), musicians (just about every instrument, including the drums, which I still can't master, but can set up and tear down like a professional!), singers, songwriters, performers, producers, etc. such that we can easily say we are one degree of say, Quincy Jones, for example, or two degrees from Adam Clayton Powell (not in the music industry, look him up if you give a shit). So, to try and say "out loud" in your mindset that my daughter kept the "baby" because she wanted to shake the baby daddy based on his father's "job" as a director, really makes me laugh. Dude, how come your ass hasn't been sued yet? Eight years later, and no one in MY family is taking advantage of your supposed famous daddy (LOL).

My high school boyfriend and I (or maybe it was just after I graduated, I am not sure) took my younger girl cousin (Leslie) when she was 12, to her first concert. I believe it was at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, with "Little" Stevie Wonder as the opening act, and The Temptations as the main act.

How's that for memories, eh?

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