Saturday, January 01, 2011


And it still is the same as 12-31-10. The bumpy ride is far from over. In fact, it looks more and more like the road will be full of more ruts and holes and bumps as we see the corporate tax break Obama thought was a good idea bring in more jobs, just not here. Over there. Yup. The rich aren't going to invest their tax break dollars here, are you nuts? Their bottom line doesn't get better by doing that. So they are hiring overseas with their tax break dollars, instead of investing in America.

I read a rather compelling piece from my favorite repository of truth telling and exposer of the lying media, Glenn Grenwald. An excerpt:

The bottom line from Hansen and Poulsen is that they still refuse to release any further chat excerpts or, more inexcusably, to comment at all on -- to verify or deny -- Lamo's public statements about what Manning said to him that do not appear in those excerpts. They thus continue to conceal from the public 75% of the Manning-Lamo chats. They refuse to say whether Lamo's numerous serious accusations about what Manning told him are actually found anywhere in the chat logs. Nor will they provide the evidence to resolve the glaring inconsistencies in Lamo's many public tales about the critical issues: how he came to speak to Manning, what Lamo did to induce these disclosures, and what Manning said about his relationship to WikiLeaks and his own actions. Every insult Wired spouts about me could be 100% true and none of it changes the core fact: Wired is hiding the key evidence about what took place here, thus allowing Lamo to spout all sorts of serious claims without any check and thus drive much of the reporting about WikiLeaks.

Lying is so mainstream now, it's no wonder that DCFS gives credence to what my 8 year old grandson lies about. There are no consequences to lying. I see it on cartoon shows for children. I see it on the tween shows made by Disney, for children. Of course, I see it on the news, on sitcoms, on dramas, in the movies, in advertising ... everywhere. No fucking consequences for not telling the truth, hence we are raising a generation of children that don't know how to be honest and take responsibility for their own lives.

And the new meme for the nutjobs that run our media is that we baby boomers are now responsible for the deficit because we are turning 65 (not me, but the first of our generation are) this year, and as such, there is sure to be a run on Social Security and Medicare. The voice of reason and sanity doesn't exist, except, in my opinion, on the blogs. Paid and bought for media just does not have any incentive to say anything other than what they have been bought and paid to say. Exposing truth is like not even on the radar, because truth is not a reality for most people. "If I can get away with it" is the rule of the world's thinking, and it will be its demise.

At some point someone has to pay the piper.


Arno said...

"...That's the crux of the issue. For Wired to confirm that Lamo's public statements are false would be to impugn the integrity of Poulsen's friend and his close and valued source. They allow Lamo to run around making all kinds of false claims about what transpired between him and Manning even as they sit on the evidence that proves those claims are false. And they refuse to reconcile Lamo's numerous contradictory statements by showing the public the evidence they have that would resolve them. That falsehood-enabling behavior is the precise opposite of what a journalist ought to be doing."

Yep. Exactly. This is a case study in modern journalism (or what passes for it). Wired sold its soul long ago in order to be a playa. I hope they spin their asses into the ground on this. It burns their butts to know that Glenn and others have the moral and intellectual high ground, and won't let them slide. HAH!

Carrie said...

I knew you'd get it. It is a part of why (in addition to personal drama) I have not blogged more regularly. The stories are just overdone. Been there, done that, right? Too much repetition for me, even if it is left wing rhetoric (laughing).

But the outright lying that is so prevalent nowadays is really freaking me out.

Arno said...

You're right about the lying and the moral relativism ("if I lie and it benefits me, then lie I will") that underlies it. We all have been guilty of it at some point, we might expect children to do it, but to see it become almost institutionalized in our culture and society doesn't bode well.

We could also use a brave congressman (a la Mike Gravel) to read some of these leaked cables on the floor and into the Congressional Record...

BTW, we have 1-11-11, 11-1-11, and 11-11-11 still coming up this year. One is not a lonely number this year...

Carrie said...

A lot of ones, there, buddy!