Sunday, October 03, 2010

Watch Your Back, And Your Bank Account, If Your Organization Is Peace Oriented, But Busts A Gut In The Middle East

The government can prosecute private citizens for giving advice to a foreign organization - on how to negotiate peace or take its case to the United Nations, for example - if the group is on the U.S. terrorist list, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.


Any tangible support - money, legal aid or political advice - "frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends," Chief Justice John Roberts said in the majority opinion.


Under Monday's decision, "human rights advocates, providing training and assistance in the nonviolent resolution of disputes, can be prosecuted as terrorists," said David Cole, lawyer for organizations and individuals who challenged the law.

I know this happened back in June, and I have been meaning to comment on it, but I just have not had time. It's just one more step toward the dictatorship that is becoming America. I realize certain restrictions should apply, in principal. But "counseling" or "giving legal advice to solve disputes" falling into the category of having your bank accounts frozen is ridiculous.

I'd rather see this country freeze BP's bank accounts here. In fact, there are many more corporate criminals in the United States that should have their bank accounts frozen or seized, based on their abuse, neglect and damage done to the planet, the people and our environment.

Instead, our government, and more specifically, the Roberts-lead SCOTUS, sees "terror" everywhere (except American terrorists who happen to be white) and are "freeze and seize" happy.

Oh well. Just another notch on our way down that slippery pole leading to hell on earth.

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