Sunday, October 10, 2010

Still Not Impressed With Singing Teacher

More pictures from my new favorite diner, Cafe 50's.

Went to the third week of Zaire's singing class. Thus far, the teacher did not teach class one, but her "daughter" came in and taught (or attempted to teach) the children (ages 5-9) to sing "Hound Dog" by Elvis. Week two, teacher shows up, has hissy fit that parents either get to stay in room, or watch from outside with door open. She opts for open door policy. Still no words for the songs she's teaching, and she adds The Beatles "Octopus Garden" and "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy" (the Jimmy Cagney version) to the list.

Week three, and she only has the words for two songs. Actually, all she did was download and print traditional piano sheet music for the songs! I mean, come on! The kids only need the damn fucking words, not the entire proper piano musical score. Good grief. Then to top it off, she added another BEATLE song to the list, "When I'm 64." The woman must be obsessed with Ringo. She smelled of patchouli oil, which I love, but it definitely dated her.

On the off chance the "teacher" would forget stuff (and she did), I made a CD of the three songs and gave them to the parents, so the kids could actually hear what the song sounds like by the actual artist(s) that sang them. All of the parents thanked me, and I hope it helps.

On the fun side, I found ukulele chords to all three songs, although "Hound Dog" doesn't sound so great. However, the uke is great for the "Octopus Garden" song! "Yankee ..." is a tad harder and I'm working on learning it.

Anyway, going to the diner is the best part of the day!

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