Sunday, October 17, 2010

Screw "Mike's Blog Round Up." Here Are My Reasons For NOT Voting.

So, on Crooks and Liars, "Mike's Blog Round Up" offered up blogs whose rants were all about "reasons" for the progressive and Democratic base to vote. New York Times has a piece up about Drama Obama and his administration's self-congratulatory slap on their collective backs for doing, as they claim, a great job the first two years, and how, in the New York Times' opinion, it's a piece of crap description. BP is suggesting in court that it will fold, run and hide behind the $75 million dollar cap, that they had first said they would waive, but have yet to do so. Drama Obama is still hedging his bet on DADT, despite a fucking court order to stop dismissing people from the military, and intends to continue to appeal the court's decision. Drama Obama and his team oppose all 50 states of this country's bank institutions' call to halt foreclosure proceedings to sort out the apparent fraud by the banks -- because it would hurt the banks.

I am sure you see the pattern here.

And all they can do is toss trash at those of us that have said a loud "fuck you" and we are not going to vote this time out. Get ready to blame it all on the voters who will be characterized by Drama Obama and his administration as whiners, and they will place the blame for their losses squarely on we, the little people, who have said "enough" by our refusal to vote. The rally cry is "don't let the crazies in to control things." But what Drama Obama's team doesn't GET is the crazies are already in control! For us regular folks, Drama Obama did absolutely zero. Yeah, some unemployed people got a few more weeks of crappy benefits, but the Administration hardly blinked while all the insurance companies gouged the potentially insured with unbelievable and unwarranted rate hikes. They lied about the oil spill, and now have lifted the moratorium on the off shore deep water drilling (but I don't see a particular congress lady lifting her singular hold on one of Drama Obama's nominees -- how'd that work out for you, Mr. Prez?). And you expect us to believe that things would be worse????? Worse than what? We've had eight years of worse, and we expected two years of better, and got two years of even worse worse!

We're not a demoralized base. We are a pissed off base. Make the distinction, Drama Queen Prez. I don't give a shit anymore. Vote the morons in, hell it might shake things up. Repeal all of the stuff Drama Queen passed; it hasn't really helped anyone but the rich corporations, so I don't care which group keeps trying to fuck we regular Americans. I just know all of them (well, except for maybe Al Franken and one or two others) don't believe they have to do what their job descriptions state they have to do. They only care that they keep getting elected. And now, with corporate money and foreign corporate money seeding this 2010 election ... why should any real people vote at all? It's not like our elected officials are out there fighting for our lives or anything. And it's not like our votes, when we do vote, count. The machines are rigged, and regularly hacked. Bucket loads of ballots are found in trash bags, not counted, and no one blinks an eye.

Drain the treasury, go ahead and scrap Social Security, Medicare, turn everything over to the already rich private industry, and see where that will get you with the regular people.

I'm not afraid of foreign terrorists. I'm not afraid of home grown terrorists. Hell, the teabaggers and their nut jobs don't scare me. Republicans don't scare me. Democrats don't scare me. What scares me are the rich people who feel the rest of us deserve to live in squalor and die so they can keep their money. I think they actually believe they get to take it with them when they die.

It will be regular people with nothing left that will take care of things in the end, and bring down the oligarchy that has replaced the democracy of this once great nation.

And there, my friends, are my reasons for no longer voting. I want no part of this country's lying bastard leaders and their helpers. At least I can keep my head held high and say I had no part in this crap. Or, I can keep it in the sand until the American people rise up en masse and take back control of their government and toss the robber barons out ... again.


Arno said...

Profoundly good post.


I can't hardly disagree. But...

I'm going to vote, probably, but I'll go back to third-party or write-in options (Goldie, the Golden Retriever, for instance.)

Think of pissed-off folks like us voting third-party (if available) or writing in (if available) en masse. That would present a large segment of documented rejection that might (might) have some influence. Eh.

Oh yeah...our polls here in Red-World are electronic and famously rigged. Never mind.

A refusal to vote, for principle's sake, is a vote just the same. I have made that choice me-self on occasion.

On the other hand, we're so far down the flippin' rabbit hole this time, I don't know if I could hold my own head up if I didn't throw my lightning rod up into this storm.

Carrie said...

It's all corporate rich people calling the shots. Take Murdoch for example. He is single handedly using his corporations to put shareholder's money into the hands of Republicans. He is single handedly causing New Yorkers to miss some great NLCS games because HE wants to gouge NYC inhabitants more money (to make up for the millions he already gave away to the Rethugs) by refusing to allow "FOX" related programs and channels to air on Comcast. He causes wiretapping of British parliament and law enforcement individuals and uses this as leverage for his newspapers ... the list for just him goes on and on. Multiply this by just a few of the rich people that are controlling multiple governments, and you can see why I am just fucking sick of it all. The SCOTUS decision in Citizens United probably was the turning point for me. I have turned away from just about everything corporate owned in my life, and now I have to turn away from politics, so to speak, because of it's corporate control.

It is time for me to return to my local political interests. I just cannot waste any more time and money on the supposed progressives and/or Democrats to actually get anything done so long as the corporate elitists like Murdoch get to have more than just a personal say beyond a singular "vote" in a voting booth. And don't get me started on a Saudi having a stake in Murdoch corporations ...