Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh, Shut The Fuck Up, Tony Perkins

If I hear or read the terms "activist justices" and "liberal social agenda" one more time, I will literally jump out of my skin, and in my ethereal state, hurt someone.

Those two phrases have got to be the most over used memes by the right wing nut jobs EVAHHH.

They are made up phrases meant to, oooohhhh, scare people into thinking that certain, ah, judges are forcing the American people into, uh, liberalism (the belief in the importance of individual liberty and equal rights) and socialism.

Every time there is a step forward these past ten years or so, the nut jobs pull out the phrase "liberal social agenda" to put a damper on the advancement, and try to scare people back into the dark ages. And then, of course, any judge that doesn't rule the way our current SCOTUS (the right leaning sons of bitches, pardon my language to the females on SCOTUS) that ruled for more and easy eminent domain, the erosion of individual rights over corporate rights, the disastrous Citizens United ruling, and all their other rulings that have been turning this country backwards, is then called an "activist judge" and the nut jobs go around advocating either recalling or killing the judge.

There is such a lack of connect with respect to the three branches of the government, why you'd almost think that these people never learned anything about government when they were in school! Which, is probably true, since as a country, we are turning out stupider and stupider graduates. I hate Jay Leno's show, and have rarely watched it, but when he first was on, the bit he did about asking people of the street just general knowledge questions, like how many moons orbit the earth, and he gets answers like "two, three" or "I don't know," while one laughs ... it's still proof of how stupid the general public really is.

And that's why those terms, "activist judges" and "liberal social agenda" gets such a rise out of these stupid people. Without these so called activist judges (many of whom are actually conservative, but just believe in JUSTICE) pushing a so called liberal social agenda (again, it's just JUSTICE), we would not have equal rights for people of color (we don't really, but we are supposed to), females would not have ever been given the right to vote, and a whole host of other rights that the nut jobs don't believe we should really have would not have been ORDERED.

So the next time you hear those phrases, do me a favor and slap the person silly. Show them your freedom of speech by slapping the shit out of them.

For the record, this rant is courtesy of the feigned outrage over the federal judge who finally ORDERED the Obama Administration to stop discharging our soldiers over DADT, and the ever crazy Tony Perkins' rant urging Obama's group to "appeal, appeal, appeal."

Such a move would carry risks, said Richard Socarides, who was an adviser to President Bill Clinton on gay rights issues. “There will be an increasingly high price to pay politically for enforcing a law which 70 percent of the American people oppose and a core Democratic constituency abhors,” he said.

Critics of the ruling include Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council and a proponent of the don’t ask, don’t tell law, who accused Judge Phillips of “playing politics with our national defense.”

In a statement, Mr. Perkins, a former Marine, said that “once again, an activist federal judge is using the military to advance a liberal social agenda,” and noted that there was still “strong opposition” to changing the law from military leaders.

First off, Mr. Socarides is incorrect in stating that 70% of the American public is against DADT. Once again, these nut jobs just say things that aren't true and our wonderful media just let's them do it. This has been going on for years now that it has replaced true journalism, and reduced it to "note taking and typing." We are like the last civilized (and I use that word ever so loosely) that has this kind of ban on gays serving in the military, and the fear mongering and boogey man theories are just not supported by the military of these other countries that have for years and years worked alongside gay and lesbian troops. In fact, our own military got along just fine before DADT became the law (thanks Clinton, for that piece of shit order), and it has only caused quality military personnel to be "outed" in all kinds of inane ways, and discharged. This is a voluntary military at the moment, involved in two major wars, and preparing to invade not one but probably two more countries in the future, and if that's the course our supposed leaders want to take, then they need every qualified volunteer. Weeding out the gays and lesbians does nothing to help the military. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It's been so debunked, the "I don't want to be next to a gay person in the shower," or the "I don't want to be in a bunker next to a gay person," etc. comments and theories. They don't hold water.

Obama ran on repealing DADT and all his Administration has done is support not repealing it. High five to the "activist" judge that has ORDERED the President to stop discharging soldiers based on DADT.

UPDATE: I just read that the Obama Administration WILL appeal both the injunction and the ruling that DADT is essentially illegal. Nice going there, Mr. Drama Obama.

I really hope the powers that be force a change in congress so that the Drama man gets what he really wants ... an excuse for his do nothing Administration, and the falling into the abyss of craziness that the teabaggers will bring to this country, all of which I will lay at the feet of our (holding nose) President.

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