Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama Administration Not In Line With Moratorium On Foreclosures

What a stupid, pompous and Bush like stance, coming out of the White House.
White House senior adviser David Axelrod signaled Sunday that the Obama administration is opposed to a national moratorium on foreclosures, even as pressure from Congress, labor unions and consumer groups mounts for the federal government to take action.

Calling the growing evidence that lenders have used inaccurately prepared and even fraudulent documents to foreclose on homes a "serious problem," Axelrod said it had already "thrown a lot of uncertainty into the housing market that is already fragile."

"I'm not sure about a national moratorium, because there are, in fact, valid foreclosures that probably should go forward, and where the documentation and paperwork is proper," Axelrod said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Tell me again, why I should support this administration and vote this election?

[cricket sounds]

Even with the mounting evidence of bank fraud in foreclosures, and with several banks (BofA for one) completely putting a hold on all foreclosures in all 50 states, THIS ADMINISTRATION "is not sure" that is the best way to go? For whom? The banks, of course. This is an administration, to be sure, that has NOT GOT IT'S PRIORITIES set to help the people. Please, please, don't be caught up in the orations of the President. Don't get fooled because he can talk in complete sentences and Bush couldn't. Their goals are one and the same, and these past two years shows that ... in fact, it shows the Obama Administration taking Bush's position to the extreme. Government transparency? Check. Health care for all (with public option)? Check. I have repeated this shit over and over, so no need to go into the record again. We all know Obama and friends ain't all that.

UPDATE: From the great Glenn Greenwald:

"...there is no shortage of Democrats and progressives who hurled all sorts of accusatory rhetoric at Bush and Cheney for -- as Hayden put it -- "state secrets, targeted killings, indefinite detention, renditions, the opposition to extending the right of habeas corpus to prisoners," etc., yet now either turn a blind eye to or actively defend Obama as he does exactly the same thing, and sometimes worse."
Long piece, but precisely what is in my head that I can't bang out on the computer any better.

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