Sunday, September 12, 2010

More 9/11 Ground Zero Bullshit

Can any of the stupid people tell me why they are against the building of a prayer center (in which a small mosque will accommodate Muslims and others) "near" ground zero based on the "insult to 9/11 victims" theory, when there were already prayer rooms for Muslims in both the Pentagon and on the 17th floor of the south tower ON THE DAY the 9/11 attacks occurred?

If prayer rooms ORIGINALLY existed at these sites, so Muslims could worship, why is building one now in NYC a show of disrespect to anyone, other than showing disrespect to Muslims? It's not as if this building is housing a large mosque. It's a community center which will also offer prayer services, much like the ones at the Pentagon and which existed prior in the building whose prime real estate space is now being called ground zero.

If Muslims died on 9/11 (and not the terrorists, stupid people) and their houses of worship were allowed at both the Pentagon and the twin towers, I do not understand the vehemence with which certain of the stupid people oppose this building in NYC.

When watching one of the shows on 9/11 (meaning on that day, not about 9/11) I watched this one woman calmly claim that she didn't want a building near ground zero that could possibly be funded by Saudi Arabia. I had to laugh, and then yell at the television set -- "hey, birdbrain, who do you think is one of the largest shareholders of good old Fox Television?" Um, can you say "a Saudi?" LOL! Stupid people and their stupid mantras, always show their stupidity. Stop listening to talking points, lady, and educate yourself.

I think the funniest part of watching the teabaggers who are made up of primarily stupid people, is the chatter they use on and on about their convictions. Most of them can't put a coherent thought together as to why they oppose "this" or "that." And most of them seriously admit they don't really know much about the issues they are against, but they just know they are against them because they saw it on Fox news or heard it on right wing talk radio.

And don't quote me the "majority" are against it mantra. Dick Vader already said American's opinions don't matter.

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