Friday, September 03, 2010

I Rest My Case

Asked to name the current chief justice of the Supreme Court, and given four possible names, nearly one-in-ten Americans (8%) choose Thurgood Marshall, despite the fact that Justice Marshall left the Supreme Court roughly 20 years ago, and passed away in 1993. In fact, very few Americans can name the current chief justice in a Pew Research news quiz; just 28% were able to correctly identify John Roberts. Another 6% thought the recently retired Justice John Paul Stevens was chief justice, while 4% named Sen. Harry Reid. A majority (53%) admitted that they did not know the answer.
H/T to Think Progress


The stupid people win.


Dickwhippin said...

Will the Supreme court rule in a different manner on their next case if I learn their names?

Carrie said...

Probably not. But you'd score better in the next test about SCOTUS members! And, you'd move off my list of "stupid people." (.) (.)