Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Can't Even Say The "New" Name For The Rose Parade (Sigh), Another One For The Corporations

You know life has headed toward the really downward spiral of destruction when an old tradition succumbs ("The Tournament Of Roses Parade Sponsored By Honda"). Sure, we all are aware that the "corporations" control every thing from television (and what we see whether it be entertainment or news), government (thanks especially now to the SCOTUS decision on "Citizen's United" ruling), movies (don't get me started), sports (hell, why else did they redo just about every sports venue during the late 80's through 2000 to re-build stadiums just to have the "corporate boxes") - which is actually still undergoing a renovation given the Dallas Cowboys new stadium, and the Jets/Giants move to a brand new stadium next door to the demolished and now parking lot of the old stadium. The last bastion of private enterprise just dropped trousers to Honda. Too bad, another thing I have to add on my "I don't support corporate sponsorship" lifestyle.

I really can't imagine it's so bad one has to find a sponsor for the Rose Parade. Sheesh.

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