Thursday, September 02, 2010

"How Did Stupid Get To Be A Badge Of Honor"

A good line from Keith Olbermann tonight. Finally, my meme worked it's way up to prime time (laughing my ass off!)

Quite honestly, the stupidity meter has been in high gear the past week, I've had no real ability to take the time to put a coherent post together. Each time I have a piece in mind after reading about some inane (or insane) idea, opinion, speech, action, etc. I read about some other inane (or insane) idea, opinion, speech, action, etc.

It has literally become repetitive -- the stupid Glen Beck "March" on Washington (and the "guide list" of where to avoid black people), the birthers that still think Obama was born in Kenya (and the thoroughly and expertly debunked post), the continuous "surprise!" that is expressed by those communities still using these voting machines, that 75% of the BP oil spill is cleaned up, not to mention that the "government" BP handler of the pay out money to those harmed by the spill is trying his damndest to move it along (and make people who take the money sign contract giving away their rights to ever sue BP for these damages!), being a country so full of hate that if we wear the fucking wrong jersey to a game we will be escorted by the police from the sporting event, Obama people not understanding why the LEFT IS FUCKING MAD and will not vote, (and calling for drug testing us whackos!) -- stopping to take a breath!

You get what I mean.

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