Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hand Dancing (Thanks To John Aravosis)

UPDATE: December 12, 2010 - I just saw this couple on TV doing a commercial for McDonalds! Ha ha. Well, good for them, but McDonalds?

Wow, I have to investigate the "hand dancing" thing. H/T of course to AMERICAblog for the video.

Here's "Hand Jive" which is what I relate to!


Arno said...

Hah! Cool! A couple of Gulf Coast (LA --- Lower Alabama) friends of mine did that for my pleasure years ago, never forget it.
The Latin clip is even more awesome.
Lord, I wish I was that coordinated, but I'm a bass player. ;-)

Carrie said...

That was awesome to me. I had never ever seen anything like that ... at least you have!

I've always wanted to play bass :(

Arno said... I see International Sign language in some of that? I don't know that language or the American version (wish I did), you know if that's so?

Arno said...

...referring to We Speak No...

Carrie said...

You know, I should know that answer, but I'd have to watch the video a few more times to answer that question!