Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Photos

It seems that some of my photos (as well as some of my copies of photos, with proper credit of course) draw a lot of hits on my blog as well as on my grandson's blog.

I've noted an uptake this weekend and today, and I realized that all searches were about the new school opening in Los Angeles, which I blogged about here. Much like how I get a lot of hits whenever the CSI episode about the Chateau Rouge airs. But, I was surprised at the various locations that have an interest in this new school, named for Robert F. Kennedy, and built on the site where he was killed after he had won the California primary in June of 1968. The old Ambassador Hotel remained unused except for movie production shooting, and finally, the city of Los Angeles, after countless lawsuits, obtained the rights to the property and demolished most of the hotel and built a K-12 school on the grounds. Today was the first day it opened for full attendance (it had opened earlier for the elementary school portion, but I can't say right at the moment just when, only "remember" that it was at least a year ago) of all grades K-12.

I noticed that most of the search links were via Google for "RFK school."

As for my grandson, his damn effin fracking mohawk is the top search that brings people to HIS blog!


Bob said...

The school cost almost 600 million. I hope it's worth it. My understanding is that the money was approved & appropriated before the economy went in the toilet.

Carrie said...

Just about everything in the past 8 years was approved and appropriated before the economy went in the toilet, Bob.

I am surprised that a school was built in this area, though. I thought it was good foresight advice my boss gave to some adult Korean clubs in the vicinity NOT to renew their leases in that the area would probably be rezoned to prohibit such bars from operating within a certain distance of the school. Although, I did notice the opening of a "health clinic" across the street from the school that specialized in female choice rights vis-a-vis health care options (good in my point of view).

Personally, though, I like to "look and feel" of the place, contrary to some other posters' take on the artistic value of the place. And I like the open space with benches that are available to the public, with Teddy Kennedy's words used at the eulogy of RFK engraved in large concrete slabs.