Monday, September 20, 2010

FDA Still Ineffective

As the Food and Drug Administration considers whether to approve genetically modified salmon, one thing seems certain: Shoppers staring at fillets in the seafood department will find it tough to pick out the conventional fish from the one created with genes from another species.

Oh great! Not only can I not eat shellfish bought at any local market because I cannot tell where it came from, and I sure as hell am not going to eat anything caught in the Gulf region, now I have to deal with fake fish masquarading as genuinely caught fresh fish?

I have to tell you that the move to buying only organic not only has paid off with great tasting food, coupled with a complete sense of security about the food, my shopping bill has been less then it was at my regular standard grocery store, even though the prices at Whole Foods are much higher. First off, though, I am buying less, and as a result, throwing away much less. That has always been a problem with fresh produce -- it rots before I have time to use it all.

This weekend I found these funny looking potatoes grown by a local farmer. They were so tiny that many of them did not even need to be cut up for my beef stew I was making in the crock pot. And they were in four distinct colors -- red, purple, yellow and white. They made the stew look fabulous, not to mention the grass fed cows that the beef came from and certified as organic, was tender and tasty.

America at its best - corporate profits over America's health! If it's FDA approved, run away, run away fast!

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