Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Kos Meeting With Markos Overrated

So, I went to this "blog" event featuring Markos Moulitsas. There were others involved, but I found out about it because I am a registered member of DailyKos, and of course, got a "personal" email from Markos. The fact that the event was just across the street from my office was the deciding factor in attending the event ... otherwise I would have passed it up.

Now that I've made my point that "I am busy, stop calling me," I have a few comments to make. First off, Markos was very nice to me in the beginning, and signed the book that I overpaid for (just to put some money in the "progressive" coffers). But, after he gave his speech and took questions, and ignored my raised hand for most of the time, when I did eventually ask my question, I personally felt I got the brush off (because I am part of the "dump Obama" group).

I asked what advice he had that would help those of us that are truly liberal and progressive, and based on religious reasons, cannot register for a particular political party, hence, we can't vote in primaries, that would keep us in the "fight" and not just give up and let the whole thing (government as we know it) end up as one person called it "walking the fired up coals" or something to that effect.

From his first look at me after my question, call me sensitive, NOT, I could hear the disdain in his voice and the see the dismissal in his mannerisms. See, I'm not part of his plan to "change" how the two party system works, and so, therefore, I guess I am not useful to him. Whatever.

I also met a lot of "kos" followers, sort of like the groupies I have always encountered in the entertainment industry.

I was considering going to one of those netroots conventions sponsored by "kos" but now I am pretty sure I am just fine doing what I do here in my own little part of the world. Mr. Moulitsas gave me nothing whatsoever that inspired me. Although, he did personally autograph his book that I bought.

Now, I was not aware that John Amato of Crooks and Liars was also going to be there. I definitely love his blog, and it is part of my daily morning routine of reading (AMERICAblog, Think Progress, DJRix, my blog, then Crooks and Liars, followed by MyYahoo page of news, then Google news) before I go off to work. John was actually very nice, and also autographed his book for me, and I took a picture of him (as well as the podium picture). First, let me state that access to both of these guys was not restricted, so taking pictures was not a big thing. But these are my crappy cell phone pictures, so they mean more to me than just cutting and pasting some other person's pictures, OK? LOL!

I instantly liked John, probably because he's a musician and you all know my musical background.

I will read both books, and Markos definitely knows his stuff, but he is nothing more to me than a Democratic partisan hack, I am sorry to say. He had no use for me once I labeled myself as "non partisan." I could be wrong and misinterpreted things, so I am open to that. But I am going to stick with my gut, which is why I have read Crooks and Liars several times a day, every day, for over five years. You rock, John!

Props to the singer with her guitar that had to do a "bar gig" with a talkative audience. I enjoyed singing along to "The Circle Game."


Bob said...

We're all "registered" at Kos. I can't recall the last time I posted a comment there.

Carrie said...

Me either!

Bob said...

It's rarely fun posting in a 300 comment thread.

Carrie said...

I know. For me, it reminds me of AOL, ha ha. (Sorry, I know you still use it. I can't tell you how glad I am to be rid of that annoyance of people that you and I have known online for a gazillion years!)

DailyKos is definitely not my style.