Thursday, August 05, 2010

Who's Copying Who?

I haven't posted much this week. I've had enough of the oil spill spin and propaganda, I'm done with the parsing of the Wikileaks drama (although I did blurb that I was for and not against), and all the riling up by the right wing nut jobs this week over trivial stuff, seemed to have been covered by all the big blogs.

Speaking of being covered ... I've noticed a growing use of the word "stupid" in some of the major blogs, mirroring my latest meme of stupid people that has been a general thread through most of my posts lately. Ahhhhh, someone is reading my blog quite regularly. In fact, there are a handful of ISP addresses that check my blog out two to five times a day, and I just have absolutely no clue who these people are. I haven't noticed any outright copying of my material (hell, I'm only commenting on other people's material anyway), but like I said, I've been the only one using the "stupid" people meme.

Just saying.

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