Friday, August 06, 2010

Seven Going On Thirteen -- HELP!

My grandson is seven, but going on 13, seriously. The shows he watches are of a a slightly older group from him, albeit almost scrupulously clean. The tween appeal, post Hanna Montana. So, Zaire is into shows like Victorious and Big Time Rush. Zaire wants to sing like the characters in these shows.

Fortunately, I can find songs from these shows, on YouTube and/or download them. I know a lot of the vocals are soprano, but hey, he's just 7/8 (laughs). At least he's on pitch, so "Randy" and the rest of AI can't call him on that!

BTR (acronym, wink wink - keep RIIA police off track, LOL)


Arno said...

I noticed that with my grandson at that's as though he was preparing for his teens. He's 13 now, and so far so good, he's a remarkable young man.
He inherited the musical gene, thank goodness, a good saxophonist. But it took him awhile to get the vocal pitch thing down. Much unlike his grandfather, who has perfect pitch *breathes on knuckles, polishes them on shoulder*...

Carrie said...

I suck at singing alone, a cappella, although certain songs I can sing (don't laugh) like the Star Spangled Banner, which is very hard to do. If someone else is carrying the melody with me, I can do it without instruments, and, of course, I can always find the harmony line. I am better at harmonies as I was basically always singing the harmony parts as a singer. However, when I play a song that is in my key, I can usually knock it out of the park and be on "pitch" (neither flat nor sharp for those that don't understand musical terminology). My neighbors say they can hear me sometimes at night singing, but because I have the headset on, they don't hear what I hear in my head, they just hear me, essentially a cappella. I've been told that my neighbors thought it was someone else, like in their 20's, singing, and they never thought it was me!

So, I've been teaching Zaire to hit the notes right on and strong, especially the ending note in the Victoria Justice song. One time, Zaire said to me "you can't sing, grandma." To fuck with him, I put on the old Debbie Boone song "You Light Up My Life," which is pretty much all melody and very clear and crisp note wise. I sang the shit out of that song, so loud and in his face, hitting the notes and holding them. When it was done, I looked at him and said ... "so, grandma can't sing?" He mumbled a reply that I took for an "um, yeah, I guess you can sing."
(blowing on knuckles, rubbing them on MY shoulder!).