Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's good to see all the "professional" left bloggers on top of this Cordoba House bullshit and calling out Harry Reid and others for their "stupidity" (my word, though I don't "own" it, I will stand on my "stupid" posts as pre-dating the new "stupid" meme that seems to be turning up on a lot of big political blogs, ahem).

No imbed, but view this video here.

"Fueling a national debate?" Debate? National? I think not.

"Park 51 is a community center that will be serving all of lower Manhattan. That's going to be helping in the revitalization of lower Manhattan. It's going to establish much needed jobs. It's going to help establish much needed construction jobs. This is a community center that is going to help us understand New York and the world that we live in."

This is a MUST SEE video. As Keith Olbermann says, this is the "non news that Republicans want you to focus on."

I'm glad to hear that the people responsible for building this community center are not backing down. I am sick and tired of the stupid, stupid, stupid people in America that want to place the label of terrorist upon all Muslims (um, didn't some white guy with a beef against the IRS recently fly his little airplane into an IRS building, but HE'S not a terrorist?).

As noted by Olbermann's show tonight, this Cordoba House crap (non story) is being pushed mainly by the right wingers in order to avoid having the people of America talk about what is really the problems relevant to Americans at this point in time, like really, really high unemployment, the economy, oil spills in the Gulf, etc. You get the drift. Find something that's a hot button that will take you off script, the Republicans will go with it.

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Bob said...

A lot of it is, really, because it's a slow news week. Hardly anyone outside the NYC area gave a shit what was happening downtown, the gargantuan redevelopment plans. The Cordoba House will be utterly dwarfed by Freedom Tower & other buildings.