Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Random Ten, Updated

Back a few years ago, there was a blog viral of FRT, where one would upload all their music into a player, and hit "random" play. Of course, we would only post the title of the song, sometimes with a comment. But one could not really "hear" the songs.

Well, I'm starting a new tradition. I've loaded up all of my 35 gigs of songs, hit random, and this is what came up for my Friday Random Ten. The numbers in parenthesis are what number they show up, as in number of the song on my player. I upload off my computer, using Winamp, believe it or not! Plus, when I actually do play music, I play off my computer these days, because I have a great sound system attached to my computer.

1. (8783) Gangstarr - Straight Talk

2. (1680) Don Johnson - Heartbeat

3. (4284) Loverboy - Heaven In Your Eyes

4. (1644) At The Drive-In - Speechless

5. (4176) Linda Rondstadt - Tu Solo Tu

6. (6886) Soweto String Quartet - St. Agnes Nokusha

7. (6363) Green Day - Nice Guys Finish Last

8. (4643) Mott The Hoople - Sucker

9. (700) Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

10. (3448) Jack Jones - She


11. (7641) David Guetta - Love Don't Let Me Go

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