Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FDA Smell Test Ok's Gulf BP Oil Spill Contaminated Fish

Stay on track, readers. Gulf Oil Spill. Let's not get behind the corporate controlled government and their internal organizations (FDA) that have given the "go ahead, it's ok to fish in this area, there's no oil, nothing to see here, move along" ok to Louisiana fishermen. The fishermen are not totally buying it. Me? I'm not buying any fish, period, unless I either caught it myself or I bought it live in Santa Monica at a fish market. Done.

The FDA's test for dispersant contamination? SMELLING THE FUCKING FISH. Got that? Just smelling it.

I'd compare it to enacting the “5-second-rule” on food you dropped on the grounds of Chernobyl...

This smells WAY MORE than the Cordoba House non-controversy.

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