Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chrissie Hynde Laughs At Music Industry Demise

You Go Girl!

Rocker Chrissie Hynde is revelling in the "collapse" of the music industry, insisting record company bosses should not treat bands as "investments".

The rise of illegal file-sharing on the internet has led to a huge downturn in label profits, leading many business experts to warn that the industry is on the brink of disaster.

But The Pretenders frontwoman refuses to join the chorus of rockers calling for action to protect their livelihood - she's adamant she would rather be bankrupt than treat rock 'n' roll as a business.

She says, "The industry collapsed because of its own greed. That's very exciting. I like that, even if it collapses on me. I'd rather go out of here with nothing, the way I came into it, and still be having a laugh. That's not why I got in a rock band, to make wise investments."

Amen to that!


Bob said...

Chrissie went to England when the music industry was open to new bands & sounds. Then she watched it narrow as it ripped off fans with excessive CD prices, bought up independent labels, dumped artists who weren't profitable enough (even when they turned a profit).

Dickwhippin said...

She's just pissed cause she has no brass in her pocket any more.