Monday, July 12, 2010

Seriously, The Threat To America Is Liberal And Progressive Ideas? Really?

Another dumb statement brought to you by yet again, another dumb politician (U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck).

The greatest threat folks is not a single man, but rather the progressive liberal movement that is going on in this country. It is the $13 trillion of national debt; it is a huge threat to our security and financial system; Obamacare, cap and trade, card check, our disintegrating relationship with Israel. It is a huge threat to this county.

Every fucking day I have to wake up and read about some loud mouth slobber dickhead having this to say.

Yeah, the world's going to hell because of liberal and progressive ideas.

First off, the stupidity of the comment astounds me. The stupidity of the person making the comment astounds me. As IF anything in the world moved forward because of backward thinking people. AS IF?

If it weren't for the forward, progressive, liberal thinkers in the world's history, we'd still be living in caves, have never discovered fire, and grunting at one another in a crude form of communication. Oh, wait, that's where we are now!

Liberal and progressive politics aside, are these people really, REALLY, really going to keep on saying that where we are today financially in America is because of Obama? Or liberal politics? Or Bill Clinton? The fucking neocon robotic Republicans were in power the prior eight years. It was the Bush team that brought you the wonderful deficit -- NOT Obama and most certainly not progressives or liberals. Progressive and liberal people were against invading Iraq in the first place, and have voiced their opposition CONSTANTLY since then. But the CONSERVATIVE governing powers kept taking money from the taxpayers on a regular basis to fund this invasion (most of which was just handed over on a gilded platter to Iraqi's who were in control at the time of the invasion), while a great deal of the money for the Iraq invasion has gone to war contractors, who, with their INFLATED charges to the taxpayer (which of course, the conservatives in charge never challenged because, after all, making other conservatives rich at the taxpayer trough is what their point was all along). Then, the conservatives in power decided to gut regulations for their friends and partners, big corporations. Then the tax cuts for the rich. None of this is hidden, all of this was done right out in the open.

And these people, the fucking blowhards with shallow minds and little dicks, think that the enemy of America is liberal and progressive thinkers. Threatening to use their second amendment right (supposedly -- but those of us who actually READ the constitution come up with a different interpretation of THAT amendment) to "get rid" of Obama and the liberals and the progressives.

As SOOOOOOOO many writers have pointed out, the Republican party has no ideas to offer America for fixing the problems they are responsible for creating (well, that's because they ARE NOT PROGRESSIVE OR LIBERAL THINKERS, DUH), other than just the mindset of "no" and the blaming of their wet pants and doo doo making (which is apparent when you look at them) on liberals and progressives (who are sporting clean pants, I might add).

Let the poor and middle class go to hell. Let regulations be damned, and let "us" keep gutting the taxpayer fund for "us" and "our" friends is the Republican mindset. Rich, rich, and more rich. Oh, and let's not forget it's under the banner of righteousness and Christianity and all those other buzzwords. Because, you know, liberals and progressives don't believe in God, apple pie, America and baseball.

It's too early in the morning for this headache. The only thing worse is that this large percentage of obtuse and stupid mindset is believed, in toto, by a decent percentage of Americans. It's already known that America has dumbed down during the Bush era. It's just sad for me to know that looking to my left or my right, there are some out there that believe this crap, and would love to just take me out for being a progressive liberal, a bleeding heart liberal, who believes that homelessness should not exist, that poverty should not exist, that hunger should not exist, that disparity in wealth should not exist, and that wars should not exist.


Arno said...

Bartender, I have read and re-read this post and the three (at this time) above, and it's the last sentence of this post that is most profound. Because I live in you-know-where, and most EVERYBODY is of the ignoramus mindset in matters of polity and society. To a large degree, these people used to believe in government for the common good, but as "good conservatives", they drank the Republican kool-aid and became complete zombies. Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit spoofing "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"...

Conservatism always leads to disaster.

Send a round of Patron and Guiness to everybody in the Gulf area, on me.

Carrie said...

If only I could really send them some Patron and Guinness, Arno. It is sickening to see the amount of damage that has occurred as a result of the oil spill coupled with BP's tight control over everything about it. Our government's complicity with BP is astounding. I note that Jindall's little islands that he hastely sought to build at great taxpayer expense (once again the use of tax money for stupid ideas and to benefit stupid people, but rich stupid people) are crumbling now, and have proven to be no barrier to the oil coming ashore.

To believe in equality for all, sharing the wealth of the world's riches, eradicating starvation and disease, ending homelessness, these days is tantamount to being an alien from another planet. I know that the words socialism, communism, fascism and such are bandied about by these conservative Republicans, but they don't know the meaning of these words, nor the origins of the societies that were built on these ideologies. They are just words of fear used daily to scare stupid people from becoming enlightened enough to stop the Republican's vampire tendencies to suck all the blood money out of this country and leave the rest to die ... literally.

And I'm sick of the Democrats not having the stomach to drive a stake into the Republican ideology once and for all. Kill it off instead of allowing them to pick the Democrats off, one at a time.

Arno said...

The Democrats have certainly been handed opportunities to destroy the hateful ideology, but aye, they are subscribed to the same.
Goes back to the ridiculous claim that progressives are the threat. What progressives? If the current crop of Democrats are "liberal" or "progressive", then I am, in the words of Steve Earle, "a little to the left" of that.

Carrie said...

Ha ha, the Steve Earle comment is funny. Gotta maintain one's sense of humor in this dark part of our country's history. If we're all going to die, at least let's have a good laugh, right? Left?