Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seems Many Aren't Missing Bush, And More DINO Senate Action (Or Inaction)

Seems someone is not missing him!

And now back to our sorry ass government, that still isn't working even after the above dufuss left.

It seems that for what it's worth, the Democratic party's worst enemy in the Senate are the Democrats themselves. Pretty sad, don't you think?

Our government isn't working. That seems obvious to most Americans. And, the big problem is the Senate. The GOP's obstructionist tactics have prevented that body's ability to solve some of our nation's glaring problems. But, instead of trying to fix the filibuster, several Senate Democrats are enabling the obstruction by blocking efforts to change the rules.

People like DINO Feinstein, Akaka, Pryor, Tester and Ben Nelson (all DINOs) have an excuse to "keep things just as they are." First off, things aren't working just as they are. It is supposed to be a "majority" rule in the Senate, and that means 51 votes. But because of the Republican threat to filibuster every fucking bill, the vote threshold was pushed to 60 votes (to override a filibuster) during the Bush years, and now it is the status quo to get ANY FUCKING bill passed. That's not how the Senate is supposed to work, but leave it up to the Democratic party to show the American people what dysfunctional looks like. At least the Party of No sticks together!

And people wonder why I'm not voting anymore? Why vote when the schmucks we do vote for can't tell their assess from their constituents.

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