Monday, July 05, 2010

Obama Administration And BP Very Definitely In Bed Together

I've been reading an awful lot of stories over the weekend concerning BP and the government of the United States jointly banning the American public from knowing anything of substance about the oil spill.

At first, having BP "seem" to be in control was angering, and every news agency was on top of it. But now that it's come out that the President and has administration is also behind deceiving the American public about the deadliness of this oil spill, it's taken me all day and a few drinks to get over my complete anger.

This video and accompanying story from AMERICAblog started my morning. And I was only having coffee then. Watch the video. It's your worst nightmare regarding this government and censorship. And hey, that's saying a lot after eight years of Bush censorship.

That was followed up by this story.

A photographer taking pictures of a BP refinery in Texas was detained by a BP security official, local police and a man who said he was from the Department of Homeland Security, according to ProPublica, a non-profit news organization in the U.S.


BP gave ProPublica the following statement after the incident:

"BP Security followed the industry practice that is required by federal law. The photographer was released with his photographs after those photos were viewed by a representative of the Joint Terrorism Task Force who determined that the photographer's actions did not pose a threat to public safety."

Department of Homeland Security? A massive oil spill being covered up as to it's permanent damage to this country, and anyone trying to get to the bottom of this is now deemed under the jurisdiction of DHS? If that didn't start pissing you off ... this should.

But, I think this last piece in the Washington Post pushed me over the edge.

The Defense Department has kept up its immense purchases of aviation fuel and other petroleum products from BP even as the oil company comes under scrutiny for potential violations of federal and state laws related to Gulf of Mexico well explosion, according to U.S. and company officials.

I am beginning to think the teabaggers have the right idea, albeit for the wrong reasons!

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