Wednesday, June 23, 2010


AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko

I swear, I cried when team USA finally got a goal that wasn't called back! Because they had more goals than England, team USA wins Division C, and advances along with England.

My stomach hurts, and now I have to get ready for work!

UPDATE: 7:00 P.M.:

I found this part of a report about the game pretty funny.

As the need for a goal increased, Bradley sent in Benny Feilhaber at the half, Edson Buddle at the 64th minute, then Beasley. Now it was the old pro football drill of everybody go long. How American was that? Only instead of Joe Montana sending everybody deep, it was Howard, the American keeper who plays in England, half-Hungarian, half-African-American.

Now, because of goals scored (more than England), it is the English that will have to face the big, bad Germans, and team USA plays Ghana in the next round.

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