Sunday, May 23, 2010

High Five To Bret Michaels

I am so not a fan of this show. I can't stand Donald Trump (and his comb over is still disgusting).

But, as any rocker fan knows, Bret nearly died this last month, and knowing that he was on this show, and most of the episodes were completed before his medical conditions almost killed him, coupled with the fact that I knew (read) that he WOULD be appearing on the finale, made me want to turn into the show and watch it.

First off, I am a huge Poison fan from back in the day. And, sad to say, I watched all the episodes of Rock of Love, so smack me. I like all of the members of Poison, but Bret seemed to keep the personality of the band alive, while the other members were off dealing with their addictions and whatnot.

So, even if he got the "sympathy" vote, props to Bret for winning Celebrity Apprentice!

Most of Poison video's are non-embeddable, but here's "Unskinny Bop" ... poor quality, but still fun!

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