Friday, May 28, 2010

CIF MASTERS (whatever!)

My coworker was a track star back in high school when he attended Beverly Hills High School. He's the (un)official (?) keeper of records, and the link above is to his website. He actually held a record for some distance or event until like two years ago when he convinced one of the kids at BHHS to change his field and run in a different type of distance, suggesting that if the kid changed it, he'd beat my friend's long standing record ... which the kid did.

Anyway, tonight was the city finals that would send contenders to the State finals in Fresno. My grandson loves to run, as many of you know (he's run a few blocks to one mile in the L.A. Marathon since he was two, damn it!), so we all went to the event. Despite the fact that it was kind of hot outside, it quickly got cold and both my grandson and I were sorely under dressed. But, we made it through most of the important races, and BHHS had two kids that are going to the State finals. Neither of us brought cameras, so I shot a few pictures from my cell phone.


Arno said...

As a lifelong runner and long-distance wheelchair-pusher I must exhort you to encouarge your grandson to run!

Carrie said...

I am working on it, Arno. He was a tad restless at this meet, and kept asking when the last race was (laughing). But, then again, he's only seven, and this was the first time he was watching a real track meet, with several events going on at once (pole vault, long jump, track, and both boys and girls) so it was a tad long for his age. But the racing part he loved, and the two races that BHHS had runners in, he was up and screaming with the rest of the crowd we were with!

Arno said...

Coo! I know you danced, did you ever run?
Some of my old running friends did both...
Your grandson is at the right age to get into it.

Carrie said...

No, I was never a runner or a jogger at all.

My co-worker who does this track thing says Zaire is too young right now to actually pick any type of running to work on because he will change in size over the next few years, and that change will determine what he can and cannot do regarding running, i.e., long distance, sprint, marathons, etc.

But, Zaire does love to just punch it and run, so my guess is, he'll end up being a sprinter!