Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RIP Ricardo

Who can forget his memorable commercials for the Chrysler Cordoba and it's "fine Corinthian leather?"

Of course, most Trekkies will adore him for his portrayal of Kahn.

But, probably his stardom hit its stride with Fantasy Island and his portrayal of Mr. Roarke.

He was, however, a recurring "segment" on Saturday Night Live, for those of us old enough to have seen them.

Season 2, Episode 22: Shelley Duvall/Joan Armatrading

Original Air Date—14 May 1977The host for the episode is Shelley Duvall, and the musical guest is Joan Armatrading. The skits for this episode are as follows: The opening act is interrupted by an announcement that NBC wants to get their money's worth out of the recent Bobick-Norton fight by replaying it at the start of every show. The women of the show sing as the Video Vixens. A bank robber is upset that his disguise isn't as good as those of the other members of his gang. Three women are joined in a restaurant by three men arguing over which one is Ricardo Montalban. During the Weekend Update, Jane Curtain reports on David Frost's presidential interviews, Patty Hearst's personal life and Roy Roger's funeral plans, while boxer Duane Bobick makes a plea for better civil rights so blacks will stop beating up white people, and Emily Litella fails to show up for her commentary. Elvis tries his hand at Shakespeare. Baba Wawa interviews Richard Burton on the subject of Elizabeth
Taylor. Leonard Plith-Garnell reviews bad ballet. Members of the Moonies start turning violent. Joan Armatrading performs "Love & Affection" and "Down to Zero".

I will personally miss you, Mr. Montalban.

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